Office & Partners

Mantic Software operates through its subsidiary companies and partners in different countries.

ManticSol is our offshore development center in Pakistan that provides on demand developers to Mantic Software customers. ManticSol has an offshore pool of fully equipped, experienced and highly skilled experts developing unmatchable softwares and technological applications.

Softronix (Pvt) Ltd. is a subsidiary of Mantic Software that provides product development services and market our products in South Asia and Middle East market. Softronix is working in that region for the last 16 years , marketing more than 20 products and have a pool of more than 1800 customers. Softronix has three offices located in different cities to accommodate customer support and marketing requirements.

Our office in Tunisia is full working office having marketing and customer support staff that sells our products and services in African countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, and Algeria. This office deals all of our international and regional products in that region.

GPS is a leading logistic service provider in Tunisia and Products Partner of SKOLMS. GPS has a vast experience of operation and warehouse management of Oil and GAS equipments.